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Hoodwinked: A New Take on Little Red Riding Hood

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Hoodwinked, the new movie about what really happened to Little Red Riding Hood
I have to state a bias before beginning this review.

I have a hard time with shows, movies, and remakes where they take the original and modify/morph it into some sort of new thing.

I didn't really realize this until I saw The Grinch (with Jim Carrey), and thought immediately after I saw it that it was not good. In fact, I really didn't like it.

Then, when I stepped away from the movie, I realized that I wasn't watching the Grinch for its own merits, but rather was watching it so that I could compare it to the original. Well, the original had Boris Karloff, and you just can't really compare anything to Boris Karloff because... well, he's Boris Karloff.

When I was watching the Grinch the second time, I realized that it's the same story as the original Grinch movie, but is really hardly the same movie at all.

In the case of Hoodwinked, it's not even the same story.

So, if you don't watch this movie expecting to see Little Red Riding Hood re-hashed, I think you'll find it more enjoyable.

Hoodwinked is the story of Little Red Riding Hood, adapted to appeal to and be funny for a 2007 audience of both children and adults, and really takes only the original premise of Little Red Riding Hood, but nothing else, in creating a new story for a new generation.

The animation is awesome, the characters are enjoyable, and the metaphors are punny (and funny too).

Framed like a classic whodunit, we see the four characters being interrogated by a frog (who knows where he came from), who is quite the inspector in the situation, and interviews all four of the characters (The woodcutter, the wolf, Granny, and Little Red) to find out who's actually done a crime, and who's been hoodwinked.

Was it one of the four, or was it someone else, and who was hoodwinked?

Guess you'll have to see Hoodwinked for yourselfto find out!

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